4. part of”Stress-Serie”: self-confidence: No.. 1 Solution to stress


self-confidence – where to get it from?
From yourself, of course! Who else?? What you need, is in you, just overlaid with fear, Shame, Stress or things, that have been conveyed to you by others. So we set it free!!So what can you do specifically?, that your confidence overcomes your fear?

How to stop brooding - 5 great tips against negative thoughts


What is brooding and how does it come about?? What consequences can brooding have on your mental and physical health?? What can you do about the agonizing thoughts??
Here I would like to get to the bottom of one of the causes, which is often responsible for mental illness, which leads to depression, can cause pain and will not let you sleep at night: The brooding.

Most people, that are often depressed mood, know that: The thoughts revolve around the same topics over and over again. And they are not positive thoughts.

It is the appearance of negative memories, that are associated with insults, fears and conflicts. The more you ponder, the more topics arise and you are in a true vicious circle of tormenting thoughts, that don't go away. What can you do?

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How do you get migraines easily under control

Wie Du Migräne einfach in den Griff bekommst

Everyone of you, who ever has or had migraine , who, like me, has suffered over years, looking for a panacea against it.
So what to do, when conventional medicine fails? No doctor could help me and no drug achieved a reduction.

I was desperate and had… yes, more migraines!

The first improvement I experienced as, I tried, not to think and brood so much anymore, because my thinking was mostly negative. For that I had to pull myself together pretty much, but the attacks became less.

I found out, that with migraine also strong tension occurred in the neck- shoulder,- and back , But to get this under control, was almost impossible.

I am now back to my child, my work and my household, I can make simple things, granted, which when I had previously done that everything would hurt and I would have had two days of pain.

It is, like I have a new, a second life, one, I have given myself!
I want to emphasize, that all my tips have worked excellently for me and I wish all, of you who give it a try, the same. Unfortunately I can not predict, if these tips are working good for you to get the same awesome results.

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