5. part of “Stress-Serie”: How to become a successful optimist and leave stress behind- in 7 Steps

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Let's take a look at it first, what it means to be an optimist. An optimist is someone, who is fundamentally convinced, that everything will be fine. These people do not have a disaster view of things, that happen in their life, even if something goes wrong.

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Practice self-confidence and positive attitude! act now- 35 simple Tips!!


I had the feeling, I had no influence on anything, not even on my own body.
And so I started a program, to took these fears away, let me ultimately be migraine-free and let shrink the tension on a completely normal level, namely only, if I have pressed me physically.
The program includes simple truths, which, if you look at it you regularly and internalize, your life can completely change into something positive .

For me it worked!

Everything, you need, is the will to succed, implement it and stay focused. Read my truths carefully and add your own thoughts, write them down or pin them you on your bathroom mirror, whatever works for you, do it as easy as possible!

Because that is, what it is about: as simple as possible to make your life enjoyable and easy with no restrictions and simply LIVE!

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4. part of”Stress-Serie”: self-confidence: No.. 1 Solution to stress


self-confidence – where to get it from?
From yourself, of course! Who else?? What you need, is in you, just overlaid with fear, Shame, Stress or things, that have been conveyed to you by others. So we set it free!!So what can you do specifically?, that your confidence overcomes your fear?

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1. Part of the big series “Stress”: How to counteract stress successfully, before it arises- With free personal stress analysis and stress checklist!


Stress is something, what everyone in the world has already experienced. Some live with a lot of stress, others feel less stress. But what we all have in common, is, that we all react to stress.

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The 10 best relaxation methods for body and mind

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Maybe you know the feeling, to be constantly tense, and have the feeling, never find relaxation. You rush through your life, worry about everything and everyone and feel yourself increasingly exhausted. Maybe you think too, that it is only you and you are amazed, when you hear from others, that they feel the same way and make a way out of the eternal, work and be ready looking.
I can tell you for sure: You are not alone in this! Most people are like this, but some hide it better or suffer silently. If you feel like that, drained, finished and overwhelmed in many situations, then read on, because there are solutions to this feeling!

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How to stop brooding - 5 great tips against negative thoughts


What is brooding and how does it come about?? What consequences can brooding have on your mental and physical health?? What can you do about the agonizing thoughts??
Here I would like to get to the bottom of one of the causes, which is often responsible for mental illness, which leads to depression, can cause pain and will not let you sleep at night: The brooding.

Most people, that are often depressed mood, know that: The thoughts revolve around the same topics over and over again. And they are not positive thoughts.

It is the appearance of negative memories, that are associated with insults, fears and conflicts. The more you ponder, the more topics arise and you are in a true vicious circle of tormenting thoughts, that don't go away. What can you do?

Read the whole post!

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Gratitude and Appreciation-2 Magical Happy Makers

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There is hardly a more important recognition for us humans than appreciation and gratitude. And they are two characteristics, that, when we give them, do so much good to ourselves.

Appreciation is vital for our survival, or rather our brain. It is a basic need, to be accepted, to be valued and belonging to someone ore something, no matter what culture you grow up in, no matter how old you are or how young.
To show, how much a person or his action means to us, is a real good feeling. Not just the other one, who thereby gets a positive mood, but also those, who act respectfully.

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