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After another morning at home with my child I noticed, that it's really not that easy, Keep the fun for yourself and your loved ones for several weeks in their own homes varied. Therefore, I have compiled tips here, the circumstances can make a bit more varied.

At home

I was not sure, if I want to write something to the Covid-19 / SARS2 / Corona crisis, I'm not quite clear about me, I'm standing right to. For three weeks, I'm even sick, last Thursday I was tested for the virus. The result was negative, it is “just” bronchitis.

So I was yesterday for the first time since tightening of regulations starting out again and found it somehow oppressively.

No shop on, hardly any people on the streets, there was a bit creepy. so even, if I could get out, why should I?

zu hause

Pastime at home with children

So I have observed today my child carefully and put together a few good books for children. With these they can also deal alone.

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My child loves mazes and can deal with it wonderful. Maybe your / e also? Just try it!

Maybe you can sit you with your / s child / children and even mazes design, so you all have fun. Or something else, this is your / child / ren interested. painting subway plans themselves, to the letter words exert itself pat with points, / He can nachmalen the your / e child.

If you are about, sowiso are gushing out from the little ones a great idea.

Puzzles and puzzle books

Puzzles always go. also you can not do well for yourself what. Malt Just paint a picture on cardboard and then let your child cut. Together can you put everything together again. Makes a lot of fun!!

As Amazon affiliate I earn for qualified sales


You can also tinker with noodles very great things, for example. Nudelfiguren. Which are tinkering with bows straight noodles and pasta, which combines the best with hot glue.

You can, the season may be somewhat adjusted, Easter decorations made of different materials tinker. Those who do not get out can, must be inventive. Just ask your time / child / ren, because they have mostly failed completely creative ideas.

Great for us: Tips for pastime at home

Wow, as much at home I was probably never! And I note, that I do not do with the many time, what I thought.

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I do not space the whole apartment three times, I have not cleaned the windows and actually I am still looking for lust, clean up ALL.

So I make, what I always do, I think this is neat, which is in disarray. And feel comfortable with that. My time for the Giant Spring cleaning is yet to come. 'M finally sick.

If I do not play with my child, I read. That is why I would like some book tips, I have read over and over again for years, imagine:

All are available from

Fernando Gamboa

I love these books!! adventure, tension, Irony, they have it all! In German I have not read, only in English.

Highly recommended!

All are also available at Kindl Unlimited.

André Milewski

André Milewski wrote wonderful novels, the spieln in the 30's to 40's. There are archaeological adventure novels with sympathetic main characters.

All are also available at Kindl Unlimited. In total there are out of line 7 Roman.

As Amazon affiliate I earn for qualified sales

Greig Beck

An exciting series about a super soldier, adventure rich, exciting with a little horror. There are many followers of novels “Dark ice”. Also included in Kindl Unlimited.

Preston & Child

Very great novels, I have all!! The first book “Relic” there was also a film, but does not come close to the Roman. To devour suitable!

As Amazon affiliate I earn for qualified sales

Jonathan Kellerman

Excellent psychological thriller with great main characters, you love learning. It is simply impossible, to put the books out of hand, once you've started.

Fortunately, the series includes so far about 30 Books. I they just read them all again and was sad, as no new book longer there.

Really highly recommended!!

As Amazon affiliate I earn for qualified sales

Extra I referred to Kindl Unlimited, because these books are without shipping, that is, without contact, immediately available. As it is doing now, perhaps an alternative, You pull into account the.

I hope, it's something for you here, I will soon recommend other genres.

All the best

To all of you I wish, that you and your family stay healthy, full of optimism and creativity at this time. All love and good!! Eventually we come out again and again to normalcy! So we have gained a new experience to! (Always think positive!!)

Mindfulness for rest

If you are looking for some relaxation and a means of coping with stress, look sometimes at my offers pure, and you lad mindfulness exercise downloaded for free.

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It will be great help you define, to stay here and now in, no matter what just about you going.

I'm advertising here products , are helpful and behind which I stand. If you make a purchase via one of the links on this page, it may be, I get a little part from it. You suffers no disadvantage. As Amazon affiliate I earn for qualified sales.

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10 Tips for pastime at home
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